Atrocities of Cameroun Soldiers on Civil Population of Southern Cameroons


A genocidal war started on October 1st 2017, when the Cameroon Military descended on peaceful protesters killing unarmed civilians and leaving hundreds with gunshot wounds in the Southern Cameroons. Peaceful protesters on Sunday 1st 2017 went out on the streets in Southern Cameroons to show frustration with the failed French government of LRC. Unfortunately, many civilians were killed and hundreds were wounded. Some of those who were wounded needed medical treatment and could not afford treatment costs. The Cameroon military since then continues to go from door to door, torturing and kidnapping young men from their homes. Schools have been shut down and some burnt, homes have been burnt, children killed, women raped and killed and many innocent civilians hailed or killed.


The following are the estimated numbers. These numbers have been fast increasing and it's not been possible to keep accurate track of them.

  • Number of towns and villages burnt by government forces of Cameroun: over 200
  • Number of people killed: over 20,000
  • Number of refugees around the world: Over 1 million, with about 300,000 in neighbouring Nigeria (only about 60,000 registered with UNHCR, Equatorial Guinea, Ghana and Togo and rest in Asia, Europe and the Americas. Another 1 million of voluntary immigrants all over the world.
  • Number of IDPS: 1.5 million (mostly in the cities of French Cameroon) and some in farmhouses
  • Number of prisoners: about 2000 in prisons all over French Cameroun and Ambazonia major cities.
  • Rape victims: about 1200 in major urban areas with most cases not reported
  • People maimed: over 5000 (almost every family affected). Most are being treated in homes and hideouts as the military is searching in the hospitals and killing them
  • Daily harassment and extortion by the French Cameroun military: hundreds daily (almost every family is affected)
  • Over 3000 youths disappeared

MOR INFO History

UNMASK helps in providing information on the ongoing crisis in the Southern Cameroons. Select any of the links below to find updates on the crisis from our partners and sympathizers. One of our goals is to inform, educate, unmask and seek support.

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