for the better future
giving Dignity And Hope to the Victims of War 
Our mission is to provide relief & continually raise awareness of the genocide & crimes against humanity perpetuated against the people of Southern Cameroons
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Welcome To Ambazonia Restoration Foundation

We are a non-profit organisation working in conjunction with NGOs and other non-profit organisations to provide relief for the victims of the genocidal war in Southern Cameroons. Sympathizers scattered across the world have come together to cater for the humanitarian and educational needs of the Internally Displaced People (IDPs), refugees, widows, orphans, the wounded and Prisoners of Conscience / Prisoners of War.
  • fund raising
  • child adoption
  • group work
  • Sustainable Develoment
  • childhood care
  • Rebuilding Refugees livelihoods 
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To make a difference in people's lives is through selfless sacrifices. Join the great Team of Volunteers.

Give A little and See How Far It Can Go.......

reduce & Fight poverty

This through the initiative of  leasing farm lands for food cultivation; a self-sustainable project.

The people of Southern Cameroons are hardworking people and every little contributions you makes the difference.

funding A Child's Education

A common say "Education is a spark of light that chases away the darkness of fear".

The best we as humanity can do to better our world is through education. 

shelter for Weak

A place called home.Our IDPs and Refugees have been denied their rights of their places of dwelling through the unjust and brutal metted upon them by the Cameroon government.

our causes

Partner with us in responding to the crisis in Southern Cameroons.

Our refugees face significant social and economic challenges around issues such as education, health,poverty and housing.
By pledging to give any amount over the next 12 months you will become part of an international community working to bring hope and relief to the people of Southern Cameroons.  As a member, you will receive regular updates from our team and the impact your giving on the ground.

Fund Raising  

Support the Refugee's mission from anywhere in the world by donating by becoming an online fundraiser.

You can host a fundraiser within your community, company, school or online.


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Fund for Extra Activities

Any donations of sport equipment and attires: for soccer, athletic, swimming, dancing, tennis, crickets, basketball etc would make a great difference in their lives.


Fund for Refugee

If you would like to make a meaningful difference in the lives of those devastated and displaced by the war,please consider joining our Health and Social Team.


funds for poverty

Our People aren't food insecure because they don't have enough food; they're food insure because they don't have enough income. We started the hiring of farm lands to grow crops. 

The challenges we faced are the supplies of farm tools (tractor and implements, irrigation systems) and we appeal to the international community to  support this initiative. 

  • Raised:$00 | Goal:$100000
Fund for Home

Be an advocate of change:


Shelter is more than a physical structure. It is somewhere a family can share meals and sleep in privacy, do homework, store belongings, feel safe and live with dignity.

Raised:$00 | Goal:$100000

Fund for Education

Without the foundation  of an education, youth in the refugee settlements continue to face challenges long after leaving the settlement system.


We have embarked on vigorous campaigns to see that the future generations shouldn't be lost without education:

"Education is a spark of light that chases away the darkness of fear/ignorance"

Raised:$00 | Goal:$200000

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Join your hand with us for a better life and beautiful future.
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our hardworking volunteers
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Joined 15th August 2020
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Joined 10 November 2021
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Joined 10th January 2017
we need your help
Let’s stop this hunger and fullfill their happiness

Growing up as a refugee displaced by unjust war, children face tough challenges: hunger and malnutrition, limited access to education and medical services, social discrimination and isolation. But with charity from people like you, we can help children get the health care, education, life skills, job-readiness training and confidence they need to create lasting change in their lives and communities.

We need you in sponsoring either of the below:

- Menstrual Hygiene Management (Sanitary pads)

- Reproductive health

- Quality Education

- Zero Hunger - Ensuring no Child dies of Starvation and Fighting Malnutrition


Together, we can end poverty for good.

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